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to join the tea part since the irs would not go after them m now. we will l talk about those topi, but first, the ceo spotlight shines on a woman who found herself thrust on top of the majo publishing empireue to the death of a family member, not a planned succession, but once cathyerrill williliams took over for her fatather at washingtonian media, the business flourished. --y operate "washing pain in washingtonian magazine." cathy merrill williams, thank you for joining us. story is inspiring. you had any lustrous corporate carereer. you work for american exprpress. take us back to 2007, the day you took home your son from the hospital, the very day yo father diedd. it wasas an emotional time, a scary time, and you went from being used to knowing what u wereoing in the corporate woworld, to taking over in a wod of media where you did not kw what was going on. hodid u get t your sea legs? you have a very successful company, and i like what y wrote e for the lien in website where you said i tried to think what my father would do, and then i decided thawas the wrong thing and not w
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1